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Members of the Armed Forces that face criminal charges have a real challenge ahead. As the current statistics show, there is a conviction rate close to 90% in military trials. Why is this the case? How these trials are conducted and how punishments are imposed make it more difficult to gain an advantage for the accused. Once a decision has been made to take your case to court martial, the government will use its full force and power to win a conviction. At trial, the majority of what takes place is purely focused on the prosecution's case against you. When the government has decided to take your case to courts martial, you need the best court martial attorney you can get to fight the changes levied against you.

You Need Strong Representation as Soon as You Are Accused

Even before trial begins, there are many decisions you'll have to make that will greatly impact your case. Should you cooperate with law enforcement? Should you work for them as a confidential informant? Should you provide a statement? Should you accept an offer of leniency? Should you consent to a search of your car, home or person? Before you make any of these decisions, you should contact Dishman Military Advocates.

Your Military Counsel May Not Provide the Best Defense Possible

Brent Dishman is a civilian attorney with an extensive background in military justice cases. As a civilian, he operates completely independently of the government. In contrast, military defense counsel still wear the uniform. In addition, their next job will likely be "back in the fold," working as a prosecutor or with former prosecutors. There exists an incentive for military defense counsel to not put up too much of a fight on your behalf, because doing so can impact their future in the JAG Corps.

In addition, many of these military defense counsel are recent law school graduates, some on their first military assignment. Although there are many competent military defense counsel who will fight hard for you, there are also many that will not. The problem for the client is that he can't know what he'll get when he sits down with the local military defense counsel. Why take that type of chance with the rest of your life?

The Challenges of Defending a Case in the Military Justice System

In a court martial, the prosecutor is usually highly regarded and respected, and very well-connected within the system, as well as to many of those who will be present at your trial – making your situation even more difficult. The advantage of hiring a civilian military criminal defense lawyer is the experience in presenting a defense case, the ability to perform an effective cross examination of the prosecution's witnesses and the ability to present an outstanding closing argument.

Many military lawyers are not trained in the arts of cross examination and presenting closing arguments. These lawyers get assigned to the Trial Defense Service for a short period, only – 18 – 24 months as an average length of time. This level of experience is truly not enough time to gain the necessary skills in the cross examination of witnesses to be effective, a crucial part of your defense. At Dishman Military Advocates, you have a great depth of experience on your side at every step of the process.

Get a High Quality, Experienced Military Defense Attorney with a Military Background

Our lead and founding attorney, Brent Dishman, left active duty ranked as the #1 trial defense attorney in the Air Force. He has served as defense counsel for clients with a rank of E-1 to general officer, and in cases involving minor disciplinary infractions to courts martial, Article 32 hearings, Flying Evaluation Boards (FEB), involuntary discharge boards, non-judicial punishment, medical de-credentialing boards, adverse administration actions, and Inspector General (IG) investigations. When you are under investigation for any misconduct, wrongdoing or criminal offense while serving in the military, your rank, your future career in the military and your retirement – as well as your personal honor – are all at risk.

You deserve to have the most qualified, aggressive and talented military lawyer fighting for you. There is no question that the skill of your criminal defense lawyer is the most important factor in the outcome of your case. Will your defense lawyer be willing to comb through every detail of the evidence and do an independent investigation of each statement, report and look into the credibility of witnesses and their sworn statements? Will he have the skills required to attack the government's case at trial and get you the best result possible?

Don't become another victim of the system. All of these issues are of ultimate concern if you are facing legal trouble as a member of the military. You must have aggressive, hard-hitting and experienced defense counsel on your side as early as possible. We are prepared to assist you in defending the most dangerous criminal charges and all other legal problems, from courts martial to Flying Evaluation Board (FEB) cases. We offer a free consultation about your case with no obligation. You cannot take chances in military court – you need to have experience on your side from the beginning. We are here to serve you and to protect your interests, your freedom and your career.

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