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The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is a detailed, in-depth manifest describing all laws and regulations a military member must follow, or else face serious consequences. When you have been accused of violating the UCMJ in anyway, it is possible that everything you have worked so hard to achieve during your military service is jeopardized.

Penalties for a UCMJ or criminal violation committed by a military service member include:

  • Fines or wage garnishment
  • Incarceration
  • Military rank reduction
  • Complete removal from the military

At Dishman Military Advocates, we honor the men and women who defend this great country by standing up for their rights when they feel the weight of a criminal accusation upon their shoulders. Lead by a former aircraft maintenance officer and the Air Force's #1 Senior Defense Counsel, we have the insight, experience, and passion required to protect you from the harshest of consequences and in any military court. Call 877.521.9006 today to connect with our San Antonio military criminal defense attorney and request a free consultation.

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When you have been accused of violating the UCMJ or committing a criminal act, your superiors may see it as a reflection upon their own reputations, spurring them to do all they can to penalize you. No matter how slight or severe the alleged violation, your rights as a United States citizen and a military service member must never be overlooked or overshadowed by a justice system eager to dole out punishment. From having your case entirely dismissed to reducing the potential sentencing as much as possible, we are prepared to explore all legal avenues and utilize all defense strategies for you.

Our JB San Antonio military lawyer can help you in a wide variety of military cases, including:

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While we respect and salute members of the United States Military, we also acknowledge that sometimes our defenders need defending themselves. This is Dishman Military Advocates and our Joint Base San Antonio military criminal defense attorney comes in and takes over. You may be a specialist in many ways, but it is unreasonable to expect even the most dedicated of military members to know the ins and outs of military law. By contacting our team, you put your case and military career in trustworthy hands, allowing us to work on the details while you focus on other matters in your life.

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