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If you have been accused of committing any act that violates the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), you must know that the consequences can be dire. Not only could you be fined and incarcerated but your status with the military, current rank, and reputation among your peers and superiors can be devastated by just the accusation alone. Start defending yourself, your future, and your right to shield the country you love by retaining the services of our Fort Hood military criminal defense attorney from Dishman Military Advocates today.

Why should you hire our team for your case?

Here is the bottom line: we respect and honor the people who are brave enough to defend America, and we do so by providing honest and powerful legal representation. Even as the government and military use their multitude of resources against you, we will not back down from the fight.

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No Matter the Opposition, We Got Your Six

Much of the military is centered on following strict codes of honor and long-established regulations. For this reason, it is arguably easier to break a rule than adhere to all of them. If you believe that the charges or accusations against you are stemming from an exaggeration, misunderstanding, accident, or even false claims, you have to be willing to let your side of the story be heard, even if it means doubting the words of your superiors.

Our Fort Hood military lawyer can help you in a wide variety of military cases, including:

As a full-service military law firm, we are also well-versed in problem-solving issues unique to the military and the men and women who are proud to call it their home and workplace. Where other criminal defense attorneys might shy away or outright refuse to work on complicated cases, we gladly step up to the challenge. Allow us to help you with courts martial appeals, discharge upgrades, clemency requests, and more.

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Sometimes the most important aspect of your legal advocate is knowing that they will stand with you through thick and thin, just as you would expect anyone in your military brotherhood would. At Dishman Military Advocates, we are committed to our clients not only because this is our job but also because we feel like it is our duty. Contact our military criminal defense attorneys in Fort Hood for the help you need.

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