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Military Criminal Cases in Arkansas

Military criminal cases cover a range of offenses from minor disciplinary actions to capital crimes such as murder. If you are facing criminal accusations, speak with an Arkansas military attorney at Dishman Military Advocates for legal advice and qualified representation. Brent Dishman is a former Senior Defense Counsel who supervised defense operations at Air Force bases throughout Texas and New Mexico. He is admitted to practice in all military courts, including the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, the Navy-Marine Corps of Criminal Appeals, the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces and the United States Supreme Court. Brent has dedicated his life to protecting the rights of military personnel charged with criminal offenses, and is a confident and aggressive defender.

Our firm can provide effective representation in military cases that involve criminal offenses, DUI, fraud offenses, sex crimes, war crimes, weapons charges, assault & battery, AWOL & UA and drug crimes. You will have a superior defense in article 32 investigation, summary courts martial, special courts martial, general courts martial and officer misconduct cases. We also assist clients with NJP/article 15 advice, administration separation, as well as courts martial appeals, discharge hearings, discharge upgrade, clemency requests and the correction of military records, and can help you with protection from forfeitures, post-traumatic stress disorder cases and personal injury claims.

We know how to counter the tactics and strategies the prosecution will use to try and win their case, and will effectively challenge their evidence. Our firm will use its extensive knowledge of military law and courtroom procedures to provide you with the most aggressive defense possible.

Accused of a military offense in Arkansas?

The best way to avoid a conviction in a military criminal case is with vigorous representation by a qualified civilian military law attorney. The government will have access to considerable resources when seeking a conviction in your case, and will be determined to achieve a guilty verdict. Even though you will be assigned a military lawyer, your chances of a favorable conclusion to your situation will be greatly increased when you retain the services of a civilian military defense attorney. Our firm will work hard to compile the evidence that will be needed for your defense, and will take advantage of every opportunity we can to mitigate the charges you are facing.

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Contact an Arkansas military attorney for trusted legal advice and vigorous representation if you have been charged with a military crime.

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