Navy Abolishes Online General Military Training Courses in Favor of More Personal Methods


In response to numerous complaints regarding its General Military Training (GMT), the Navy has eliminated the online aspect of its GMT entirely, leaving cybersecurity as one of the few remaining online courses. The migration from online point-and-click tutorials stems from years of complaints for the impersonal online system and expressing frustration for its ineffectiveness.

The flaw in the online training is the same as any other department's electronic training program – the individual is monotonously clicking without expending much critical thought as to the lessons being taught. From alcohol to sexual harassment training, the individual's eyes are likely glossed over within five minutes of the online training. Furthermore, by conducting the training through an impersonal computer device, the seriousness of the training is severely downplayed.

As a result of this change, Navy commanders now have flexibility in choosing how and when to conduct their GMT courses. For example, a commander may choose to conduct its GMT training by placing its soldiers in small-unit exercises which require teamwork and involvement. In addition, the commanders may elect to bring in outside speakers for more perspective. By placing the soldiers in an interactive setting which mandates involvement, there is a higher degree of connection between the soldier and the training; thereby promoting a deeper understanding of the GMT.

The main driving force behind the revamping of the GMT is to increase its impact upon the soldiers. By doing this, the idea is that less general complaints will arise from misconduct in the Navy – notably UCMJ Article 134 complaints, the most common.

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