Marine Col. Given Fine and Brig Time Following Misconduct Case

Marine Col. Given Fine and Brig Time Following Misconduct Case

Col. T. Shane Tomko, the former commander of the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, received a $20,000 fine and two months confinement, but after pleading guilty to his conduct in late May 2016, his sentence was cut in half for $10,000 and one month of brig time. Col. Tomko admitted to sending sexual messages to a corporal under his command. Further, Tomko was caught driving under the influence and showed up to his arraignment intoxicated. While Tomko was not released from all charges, his more serious charges of abusive sexual conduct and fraternization were not pursued.

According to the witnesses in his defense, Tomko's misconduct stems from severe combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder. Tomko showed remorse for his actions and tied the blame of his actions to the stress and style of his job. Through his 33-year Marine Corps career, Tomko commanded many tours where many Marines of his subordinates lost their lives. In fact, he had to inform thirteen sets of parents that their child had died in combat. This combat-heavy Marine Corps career led to his post-traumatic stress disorder.

Although the Marine Corps tried to help Tomko through mental health treatment, his post-traumatic stress disorder ultimately resulted in the downward spiral of his conduct until he was ordered to the brig. The court-martial decided that, despite a distinguished military career and multiple character, his actions were inexcusable. In addition to his sentence, Tomko is being dismissed from the Corps. Tomko's defense attorney was not pleased with the result of the trial; it is undetermined whether Tomko will appeal the conviction.

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