Court Martial Process is Targeting Sexual Predators in the Military

Court Martial Process is Targeting Sexual Predators in the Military

Recently there has been uproar amongst the lawmakers and legal branches of government in regards to the growing problem of sexual assault in the armed forces. The government has recently issued enhanced laws in regards to this issue and now all branches of the military will be required to establish special units to investigate all the sexual assault allegations that are brought forward. Sex crimes are being harshly prosecuted and will be brought through an extensive court martial process. In fact, there were new legal initiatives proposed recently that that are designed to address the rising problem of sexual assault in the military.

The new initiatives encourage that all sexual assault allegations including rape, sexual assault and forcible sodomy go through a specific court martial hearing where the crime is taken more seriously. In the lower units, the government assumes that these matters are not handled properly, which is why they encourage addressing them at the colonel or Navy captain level. The government wants to ensure that actions are taken to follow up in military cases of this nature because sexual assault has grown to be major problem that is probably underreported.

It is important to know that sexual assault cases are some of the most difficult cases to investigate. Judges and prosecutors are now going through specialized training so you can also expect that it will become increasingly tougher to defend against sex crimes among troops. They have come up with system now to help track sexual assault reports and monitor the status of these cases. The government is looking to enforce more thorough and comprehensive sexual-assault prevention training in the ranks to prevent future occurrences of these crimes.

If you have been accused of sexual assaulting a fellow military officer, then your case will be sent to a special court martial and you could face tough prosecution. When you are going up against strong prosecution you need to come prepared with an even stronger defense. Here at Dishman Military Advocates we are committed to defending those who defend this country. We provide aggressive defense to military members nation-wide.

Our lead attorney, Brent Dishman, spent the majority of his life serving on active duty in the air force and he knows how the military works and operates. Attorney Dishman has defended crimes on the highest level of court martial and he knows how to win. It takes an experienced trial litigator to handle sexual assault allegations and our firm can provide you with experience you can count on. With the new initiatives to crack down on sexual predators in the military, it is time to obtain hard-hitting defense against your charges. Contact a military criminal defense lawyer from our firm today to discuss your case!

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