Appealing a Court Martial: Get Experienced Representation

Appealing a Court Martial: Get Experienced Representation

When an individual is tried in a criminal court, whether in state or federal court, they have a right to appeal the court's decision should they feel some form of injustice has occurred, or they are dissatisfied with the final ruling. The same holds true in a military case, such as a court martial. Anyone who receives a court martial has the right to appeal the court martial's final decision. In fact, in cases where a severe sentence has been handed down, an appeal will be automatically issued. There are differences between a civilian's right to appeal and the right to appeal a military court's conviction, however. It is those differences that make it essential for anyone considering filing a court martial appeal to have a skilled military law attorney on their side.

Whether you feel you have received an unjust sentence, or there were prejudices that had a negative impact on your case, or mistakes were made during your court martial, we strongly advise you contact Dishman Military Advocates as soon as possible and consult with a knowledgeable military law attorney. Our attorneys have extensive experience and a proven success record when it comes to representing clients, of all ranks, in all types of court martial cases. We understand the appeal options that are available at the various levels of court martial cases and we know that a successful appeal depends not only on a detailed preparation, but an in-depth knowledge of the entire appeals process. When you contact our firm, we will be able to thoroughly review your case, evaluate how best to proceed, and advise you on how the process will proceed and the strategy to assist you in the appeal.

You have rights. Let us help you exercise and protect those rights. If you feel you have received an unjust sentence, you owe it to yourself to contact Dishman Military Advocatestoday in order to schedule a consultation and complete review of your case.

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