Want to Learn More about Dishman Military Advocates?

Want to Learn More about Dishman Military Advocates?

Have you been charged with a military crime? If so, then you need the help of a military attorney who understands how to advocate in a military court of law. Militia courts are different than those reserved for civilians in the United States, because the crimes that you have been charged with will have different implications. You may be given a dishonorable discharge from your position in the military if you are found guilty of the crime that you have been accused of. You will want a hardworking and aggressive lawyer on your side to help you fight against your accusers, but you also want to make sure that this attorney understands the nuances of criminal law.

At Dishman Military Advocates you will get the representation you need from a lawyer who is truly grateful for your service to our country and wants to give back. Dishman Military Advocates uses the slogan “defending those who defend us” to show that they are trying to give back to those who sacrifice for America with their career. Whether you are a member of the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard, Marines, Army, or are in the reserves, an attorney at Dishman Military Advocates can help.

Brent Dishman, the founder and lead attorney at the Dishman Military Advocates firm, exists to help those in need. He understands military law and what soldiers go through because he lived it. He is a 16-year military veteran who served as a commander. He started his military career as a cadet at the Air Force Academy, and graduated a member of the commandant’s list, dean’s list, and athletic director’s list. He then served as an aircraft maintenance worker for the military out of college, and developed the skills and knowledge needed to promote to a position as a flight commander.

In this role, Mr. Dishman assumed responsibility for service members and often had to take UCMJ action on unruly troops. Because he was responsible to confront and punish troops at one point in his life, he knows what your commander is thinking as he tries to punish you for wrongdoing. This is a unique advantage that has helped Mr. Dishman to get that extra boost to defend properly in almost any case.

He also served as a JAG prosecutor and defense attorney. He left active duty as the #1 trial defense attorney in the Air Force and chose to open his own practice in order to better serve the military men and women that he fought alongside for so long. In order to do that, Attorney Dishman attended Oklahoma College of Law, and served as president of the student body during his time there. He then worked as a prosecutor at Lackland AFB in Texas in order to achieve knowledge about how the prosecution works.

While in this role, Attorney Dishman was promoted to the Chief of Military Justice for Lackland AFB, a position that is rarely ever filled by a first-term JAG. Brent Dishman has represented clients of every rank, starting with E-1s and going all the way up to General Officers. He is willing to help in almost any case, no matter how big or small. While some of his clients have been accused of triple murders, others have just been dealing with an unjust military infraction.

Brent Dishman doesn’t restrict his services to military members who have been court martialed. He will also represent militia in an Article 32 hearing a flying evaluation board meeting, an Inspector General investigation, an involuntary discharge board a medical de-credentialing board, a punishment or hearing you are facing, Brent Dishman wants to be there to argue on your behalf. Whether you have been charged with going AWOL or accused of a small officer misconduct crime, your career, retirement, rank, and reputation may be at stake. You need to hire an attorney at Dishman Military Advocates in order to avoid the complications that may arise.

Attorney Dishman is dedicating to serving those that serve our country. If you have been charged with a weapons crime, DUI or drug crime he can help. Attorney Dishman also handles assault & battery charges, fraud offenses sex crimes, and domestic violence allegations. Mr. Dishman understands that you may have been falsely accused or blamed by a comrade who did not want to be discovered in a crime. There are often times that commanders don’t get the correct story, and may take disciplinary action against a soldier who does not deserve it. Mr. Dishman is dedicated to advocating for men and women in this situation.

If you want to learn more about Mr. Dishman’s successes, read about what his former clients have to stay. Many active duty soldiers have seen success when Attorney Dishman defended their case. Read the client testimonials here. You can also read about our case results here if you want to see real examples of the types of cases that we have handled and successfully won. If you want to learn more about Brent Dishman, you can check him out on Avvo. Attorney Dishman also keeps a Linked In account as well, where you can add him and read up on his profile.

If you want to hire Attorney Dishman to help you with your case, then you can call the firm at (877) 521-9006 to set up a free, no obligation, consultation. Attorney Dishman would love to sit down with you and hear the details of your case so that he can best begin to develop a defense that could work in your favor. Mr. Dishman takes on cases all over the nation, and he is willing to make things work so that he can come and help you, no matter where you are located. As a member in active military duty, you are responsible to uphold the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If you are accused of breaking this code, it is very important that you hire a military defense attorney you can trust.

Why not hire someone who has 16 years of involvement in the military, and 8 years of legal experience to devote to your case? With such a detailed knowledge of both the defense and prosecution in military law, you can be sure that you are getting a lawyer you can rely on. Mr. Dishman will also help in personal injury cases involving militia, or in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder cases where a soldier is asking for federal compensation. No matter what your military law need is, contact Attorney Dishman today!

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