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Searching for a military attorney for a war crime case? The United States Armed Forces takes a grave stance against war crimes, both for the integrity of the service and to preserve its public image, and if you have been accused you will be targeted with vigorous prosecution. The Geneva Convention, the Law of Armed Conflict and the Rules of Engagement for any given arena of combat define what will be considered a war crime, and failure to abide by these rules can lead to serious criminal consequences.

Commonly cited examples of war crimes include:

  • Attacking civilians
  • Wanton destruction of civilian property
  • Torture or maltreatment of prisoners of war
  • Rape
  • Murder

Soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines are generally expected to engage only in those actions that are of military necessity. Looking for an attorney for your war crime case? At Dishman Military Advocates, we understand how worried you may be about the outcome of this situation, but a military lawyer from our firm will be able to advise you of your rights and help you present the strongest defense possible.

Military personnel who are sent into combat are sometimes forced to make difficult choices. Exhausted, under fire from the enemy and faced with life and death decisions, they may take actions that would be avoided by someone with more time to weigh the consequences and who has a broader view of the situation. Establishing beyond any doubt the exact sequence of events and determining responsibility for the situation can be difficult, especially when there are several conflicting accounts. Defending yourself may depend on having the help of an attorney who will exhaustively research the facts of the case and make a strong argument on your behalf during your general court martial.

Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our firm has extensive experience in successfully representing military personnel on charges ranging from minor infractions to murder, and we are prepared to defend your case. War crime prosecution will often attract media attention and we will fight to resolve the charges against you in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Your career may depend on the results of this case, and you need to avoid receiving a dishonorable discharge and criminal penalties that could seriously weaken your prospects for the future. We will work tirelessly to clear your name and preserve your honor. Need a military criminal defense lawyer for your war crime case?

Contact Attorney Dishman when you have been charged with a war crime and you need to take effective action now to defend yourself.

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