Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Cases

Lawyers Defending PTSD Victims in Military Criminal Cases

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Cases

If you are facing administration separation, non-judicial punishment or a court martial for misconduct or criminal violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, you may have an effective way to defend your case by arguing that your behavior was caused or influenced by post-traumatic stress disorder. You should get the help of a military law attorney from Dishman Military Advocates to investigate this aspect of your case, because this psychiatric anxiety disorder could be a factor in your defense. Whether you have an existing diagnosis or if you need to have your condition labeled, your attorney can evaluate the known symptoms of PTSD against the evidence in your case to ascertain whether it would be likely to help you avoid a conviction. Many defendants who have been accused of crimes such as assault & battery, drug crimes and DUI are able to successfully resolve the case using this defense.

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The effects of post-traumatic stress disorder have long been recognized, but doctors previously diagnosed it as wartime exhaustion. It has earned classification as a mental illness with inclusion in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), and there has been a recent increase in recorded cases. The RAND Corporation reports that 20% of soldiers returning from combat in the last 6 years suffer from PTSD, which equates to over 300,000 military personnel. Just in the last year, the number of diagnosed military cases of PTSD has increased by 50% which means that about 1 in 5 soldiers that have come back from Afghanistan and Iraq will most likely develop PTSD. For women military personnel, the statistics are even higher, 71% of them will develop PTSD from anxiety and possibly sexual assault within the ranks.

Military PTSD Attorney

PTSD is a severe anxiety disorder which develops stems from psychological trauma in soldiers who were exposed to war or other disturbing events. Symptoms include difficulty falling or staying asleep, nightmares, flashbacks, avoiding reminders of the incident, fits of anger and hyper-vigilance. In order to qualify as PTSD, the condition must last for more than a month and cause a significant interference with the victim's ability to function in life. As you can see, this mental illness will play heavily in defending against military violations or criminal charges. Attorney Dishman is experienced with cases of this nature and he can take this condition and use it to work in your favor. When battling against PTSD, it can be very easy for individuals to act out of impulse and lose control but in many cases they cannot help themselves. So talk to our lead attorney today and find out how he can help you use your PTSD to your advantage in your military or criminal case.

Defending PTSD Victims in Military & Criminal Cases

A positive diagnosis for post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious condition and it could help you avoid a court martial conviction in your case. Your attorney may be able to argue that your actions were the result of your condition, whether you face a discharge hearing, an Article 32 investigation or if you are seeking to reduce your sentence in a court martial appeal. Attorney Dishman, at the firm, has personally served many years in the U.S. Air Force and he understands the gravity of the predicament that you are in. He is intimately familiar with both sides of military law and his unique experience and insight could be a great asset in your case.

Mr. Dishman represents military personnel of all ranks from E-1 up to general officers and defends against even the most austere crimes. He has a driving passion to defend those who defend our country and to produce positive results for your case. He will sit down with you and listen to you worries, fears and objectives and help formulate a compelling case on your behalf. Looking for an attorney for your military post-traumatic stress disorder case? Our firm offers a free case evaluation to all new potential clients, so contact Dishman Military Advocates if you believe that a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder should be considered as a factor in your case.

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