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Understanding Non-Judicial Punishment

Need a military law attorney for an NJP/Article 15 advice? When a Commanding Officer has reason to believe that you have committed a minor infraction or misconduct in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), you can be summoned to a hearing for non-judicial punishment. The commander will notify you in advance, giving you an opportunity to prepare your case and consider your legal options.

You should contact lead military attorney, Brent Dishman, from Dishman Military Advocates who can advise you of the best strategy for defending yourself against the consequences of a guilty verdict. Non-judicial punishment is covered under Article 15 of the UCMJ, and it is capable of such penalties as administration separation, forfeiture of pay, admonition and reprimand, rank reduction, confinement and extra duty, depending on your rank and the rank of the presiding officer.

Non-judicial punishment, known in different branches of the military as "Office Hours," "Captain's Mast," "Admiral's Mast" and simply "Article 15," is optional in most cases. You can request to have the matter referred to a special court martial for various reasons, such as if you doubt that your commander will give you a fair hearing. An advantage of an Article 15 is that the maximum allowable punishment is lower than in courts martial. However, non-judicial punishment is still reflected on your military record, so it is important to avoid a negative outcome that could adversely affect your future.

Military Lawyer for Article 15

Looking for a military law attorney for a NJP/Article 15 Advice? At an Article 15 hearing, you can challenge the evidence against you, bring forward testimony of your character and achievements, produce evidence to support your case and seek to have the charge dropped. We will discuss your situation in detail to help you find the most effective approach for your defense. Brent Dishman has a long track record of representing service personnel who were accused of anything from minor infractions to murder, and we are ready to assist you.

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