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Flying Evaluation Boards Determine Pilots' Flight Status

Searching for a military law lawyer for a Flying Evaluation Board (FEB)? Servicemen and women in the Air Force, Navy, Marines or Army must adhere to a stringent set of guidelines in order to maintain their current rating or flight status. Should there be a question regarding performance, a Flying Evaluation Board will be convened in an effort to determine whether the rated officer, CEA, non-rated officer, enlisted aircrew member or civilian government employee should retain their flight status or face the consequences of their failures or shortcomings in regulatory adherence.

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Flying Evaluation Boards can be a serious threat for military members serving in the aviation field who are participating in flight-based missions and procedures. There is a strict process that must be followed, and anyone preparing to enter into an FEB should strongly consider enlisting the services of an FEB attorney who has experience with Flying Board Evaluations. The FEB will research the circumstances and make a determination as to your status, whether you should be suspended, reinstated or other decision – which could heavily impact your career and rank. The timeline for this administrative, research-oriented procedure is a short time window, and so there is very little room for error.

A Flying Board Evaluation may be convened for a range of questions regarding performance, including for rated officers or CEAs who have been disqualified or invalidated from aviation service for more than 8 years, or if an aircrew member shows a lack of proficiency or insufficient knowledge of flying directives or negligence in violation of regulated flying procedures. Those who fail to meet various training standards while attending a USAF formal flying training course may also be called into an FEB so that the aircrew member's future in aviation service is determined. Other reasons also exist for calling a Flying Board Evaluation, such as showing a lack of judgment as duties are conducted, knowingly violating aviation instructions or procedures, or even the exhibition in an aircrew member of certain habits, traits or characteristics that could impact the ability to perform flying duties. Some examples of this might be a perceived fear of flying, airsickness or lack of desire to fly.

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Dishman Military Advocates is a highly respected, trusted legal resource for servicemen and women from all branches of the armed forces who have been called into a Flying Board Evaluation, and are facing potential suspension or loss of flight status as a result of a perceived inability to adhere to flight procedures, regulations and violations. The firm's founder, Attorney Brent Dishman, is uniquely equipped to represent operators in Flight Board Evaluations by way of his USAFA education, his close and personal association with members of the military flying community, as well as direct experience in dozens of evaluation boards of this nature.

Our firm understands that each FEB is unique, and each outcome depends on a variety of case-specific factors. We have the highest level of experience in preparing servicemen and women for their Flying Evaluation Boards, and we take the mission of serving as legal representatives for clients when facing the board very seriously. The careful management of your defense strategy will have an impact on determining the outcome of your FEB. Our extensive knowledge, experience and years of military service and working within the system allow us to have great insight into how to best defend the rights of our clients facing a Flying Board Evaluation.

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