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Do You Need a Military Lawyer for a Discharge Upgrade?

When you receive an administration separation and are involuntarily discharged from any branch of the armed forces, your discharge status will in many ways set the course for your life as a civilian. If you were planning on using GI Bill benefits to attend school, you may no longer be eligible, and you may also have lost your right to VA Administration benefits. A general or "Other Than Honorable" discharge can also adversely affect your employment options, as many employers will view it as a mark against you.

It is well worth your time and effort to seek a discharge upgrade, and your chances of success will be far better if you get the help of an experienced military attorney from Dishman Military Advocates on your side. Schedule your complimentary case evaluation today to find out how we can help you.

Looking for a military law lawyer for a discharge upgrade? You should consider taking this action when you have had a chance to build a solid track record of being a person of good character and have remedied any problems which contributed to your unfavorable discharge. A good record of employment, no arrests for criminal activity, educational achievements and community service can all contribute to a successful petition for upgrade. You should try to gather as much documentation of your case as possible, including letters of references from employers and others.

Helping You Seek an Honorable Discharge Status

We will help you prepare a persuasive application for submission to the Discharge Review Board of your branch of the military. The Board will study your application with attention on whether it merits the requested change, the reason for the discharge, how much time has elapsed and any errors in the discharge that your attorney can demonstrate. You may also be called in for an interview with the Board.

Because your discharge characterization can have such a major impact on your life, you should only work with an military defense attorney who is well versed in the relevant aspects of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. We can help you throughout the process to maximize the likelihood that your request will be approved.

Contact court martial Attorney Dishman at (877) 521-9006 to find out more about how we can help you seek to have your discharge status upgraded.

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