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Are you facing involuntary discharge?

Facing military discharge? Active duty military personnel who are facing an administration separation for reasons such as misconduct or for bringing discredit to the military service can seek to avoid a general or other than honorable conditions discharge by contacting a military lawyer at Dishman Military Advocates. We can review your case to determine the best way to argue for a better outcome.

Depending on whether your goal is to secure an honorable discharge or to stay in the service, we will prepare an argument on your behalf and represent you at your discharge hearing. You have a right to find private representation for your case, and by hiring us you will have the benefit of an attorney who accepts a smaller caseload in order to give more time and attention to each of his clients.

Looking for a military law attorney for a discharge hearing? There are many ways to challenge the circumstances of your discharge. If you have a diagnosis to prove that you have a post-traumatic stress disorder case or simply feel you have PTSD, you might be able to reduce the impact of perceived misconduct on your military record. Your attorney will be able to cross examine witnesses against you, call witnesses to support your case and produce evidence. You can also prepare a personal statement to deliver to the board. We will work closely with you to find the best approach for your unique situation.

Military Attorney Brent Dishman

We understand what a major difference your discharge status can make for your future, and we will fight to defend your case. An honorable discharge can give you a much wider choice of employment, as well as preserving your right to VA benefits and education under the GI Bill. There is also the factor of defending your personal sense of honor for having served your county. Brent Dishman was a leading Senior Defense Counsel in the Air Force, and our firm has the experience and determination you need on your side.

Searching for an attorney for your military discharge hearing? Contact Dishman Military Advocates to speak with a military law lawyer by calling (877) 521-9006 now to schedule a free case evaluation.

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