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Defending Military Personnel in Courts-Martial

Facing special courts-martial? If you have been charged with a crime such as assault & battery or certain drug crimes, you can be subjected to a special court-martial. It is the intermediate level of judiciary action you could face as a member of the active duty military. The court is composed of a judge, the prosecutor, your defense and a panel composed of at least three officers. If you are an enlisted service member, you can request that at least a third of the jury be enlisted. You also have the option of requesting to have your trial heard only by the judge.

If you are convicted by a special court-martial, you can receive a bad conduct discharge, a one-year term of confinement, a forfeiture of two thirds of your pay for the period of your confinement and a reduction in your pay grade. Need a military lawyer for special courts-martial? Speak with court-martial attorney Brent Dishman at our firm today for the aggressive defense you need and deserve. We will review your case for free!

Are You Facing a Special Court-Martial?

A special court-martial is similar to a civilian misdemeanor trial, and a conviction will negatively affect your military record and your discharge characterization. If you contact Attorney Dishman, from Dishman Military Advocates early in the process, we can help you prepare your case and maximize the chances that you will be able to defeat the charges. Brent has a long history of defending service personnel in your position, and our court-martial lawyer is ready to fight to defend your rights in the case.

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Searching for a military defense attorney for a special court-martial case? If you are serious about achieving a favorable outcome in your special court-martial, you should get started on your defense now. We will review the evidence in your case to find any weaknesses that can be exploited. You will also have the right to provide the testimony of witnesses and evidence to support your argument. There is much at stake when you face prosecution in a military case, but with tenacious representation, we can help you preserve your record and avoid serious criminal consequences.

Searching for a military criminal defense lawyer for your special courts-martial case? Contact our firm to speak with a court-martial attorney today to schedule a free case evaluation!

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