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Looking for a military lawyer for your general courts-martial? Dishman Military Advocates can represent you in a general court-martial, no matter how serious your case may be. Brent has successfully worked with clients who faced prosecution in cases ranging from minor disciplinary infractions to murder. We know how concerned you are about the outcome of your case.

A court-martial lawyer from our firm will exhaustively prepare your case to find every possible angle for your defense. When the time comes to argue on your behalf in court, we can give you the zealous and dedicated defense you need at this time. The consequences of a general court-martial can be life-changing, and you can't afford to take any risks with your case.

A general court-martial is reserved for the most serious violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), and it is given the power to dispense a stricter penalty than is possible in summary courts-martial or special courts-martial. Before the prosecution can take the case to trial, the law requires a thorough Article 32 investigation to weigh the evidence and make sure there are sufficient grounds to support the charges.

This investigation gives your court-martial attorney a chance to challenge the evidence and testimony that will be used in the case, through cross examinations and other tactics. You can also bring forward proof that it is a post-traumatic stress disorder case, which could cause a reevaluation of the evidence against you.

Sexual Assault Cases in Courts-Martial

Searching for a military attorney for general courts-martial? If you been arrest on sexual assault allegations, then your case could be somewhat more difficult. The military courts have been accused of being unjust when it comes to sex crimes in the armed forces and they are now cracking down on alleged offenders. Currently the way the system works is that the military commanding officer has authority to overthrow a court sentence but they believe that the chain of command needs to change. Sexual assault victims often face some sort of retaliation after they report the assault incident and the government is looking to correct this.

The statistics for sex crimes in the armed forces is alarmingly high and they are looking to reduce those numbers by inflicting harsh sentences that actually stick. They are looking to do a complete overhaul of the military justice system because currently many defendants charged with sexual assault are permitted to remain in the military. If you are facing rape or sexual assault charges then it is vital that you understand how the law relates to your particular case and how your charges would be handled in courts-martial.

Court-Martial Attorney Defending Clients Across the U.S.

Need a military defense lawyer for a general court-martial case? We can help you fight to avoid the serious consequences of a guilty verdict in your case, which could include dishonorable discharge, bad conduct discharge, confinement or death in the worst cases. We can also help you seek protection from forfeitures. The defendant in a military case will usually have access to uniformed legal representation, but we advise that you come to us for help because we take a limited caseload in order to maximize the amount of time and energy we can devote to the cause of defending you. Take advantage of our complimentary case evaluation. Fill out a free online consultation form to find out how our firm can assist you.

Even if you can't secure a favorable verdict in the trial, we can still help you file a court-martial appeal or a clemency request. We have successfully represented many top-priority courts-martial, and we will fight to preserve your military record against the allegations you face.

Are you facing a general courts-martial? Contact a court-martial lawyer who will do everything possible to defend your rights. Call Dishman Military Advocates today at (877) 521-9006!

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