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Military Lawyer for Courts-Martial Appeals

Are you facing a court-martial? Are you searching for a military attorney for your court-martial appeal? Just as in a criminal case in a state or federal civilian court, military cases that receive a court-martial are subject to the right of appeal. If you are dissatisfied with the ruling in your case, you can bring the ruling up for review. The most serious cases are even given an automatic appeal, including sentences of the death penalty, a year's confinement or a dishonorable discharge.

The convening authority responsible for the court-martial is the first person who will hear your appeal. If this request is denied, your case will go to the Court of Criminal Appeals for your branch of the military, followed by the United States Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces (CAAF) if necessary.

How a Court-Martial Lawyer Can Help You

Appealing the ruling of a court-martial should only be done with the assistance of a tenacious court-martial lawyer. Dishman Military Advocates can submit your appeal and argue your case in court, providing the zealous representation you need. We have experience litigating high-profile court-martial cases, fighting for clients of all ranks, from E-1 to general officer. A successful appeal depends on exhaustive preparation and a thorough familiarity with the appeals process. Looking for a military law attorney for your courts-martial appeal case? A court-martial attorney from our firm can discuss your case to determine if this is a viable option for helping you avoid a harsh sentence.

Military Lawyer for Court-Martial Appeals

The purpose of an appeal is not to repeat the general court-martial or special court-martial, but to review the evidence and the manner in which your trial was conducted. Your attorney will attempt to prove that your sentence is inappropriate, that there was insufficient evidence in the case or that the presiding official made mistakes that prejudiced the outcome against you. Any problems with the sentence can be remedied and you may be able to have an unjust verdict reduced. Need a lawyer for a courts-martial appeal?

Have you received an unjust sentence in a court-martial? Call Brent Dishman at (877) 521-9006 to request your free consultation with a court-martial attorney and to get started on your appeal.

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