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Need a military attorney for the correction of military records? You have the right to request a correction of any item on your military record that you believe to be false or the result of an injustice. If you have found that errors on your record are causing you any kind of problem, either during your service or if you have retired or been discharged, you should take the time to remedy the situation by working with a military law lawyer from our firm. We will study the evidence in your case to prepare a persuasive request. We will also represent you during the case and argue the cause on your behalf.

You could be having trouble finding employment due to a dishonorable discharge on your record, as well as being denied VA benefits. Perhaps it is simply a matter of personal pride and honor. Whatever the case, we understand how important it may be to you to correct your record. We will collect evidence about the injustice in your case, using the Freedom of Information Act to uncover information if necessary. After carefully preparing your petition, we will submit it to the appropriate board for review. Our court martial lawyer fight to get results for our clients, and we will challenge any opposition to your request for correction.

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Looking for a military lawyer for the correction of military records? You may have received an unjust ruling in a special court martial or a general court martial, and if this is the case, the Board for Correction of Military Records has the power to reduce your sentence, restore rank or award back pay. It is often possible to demonstrate that a post-traumatic stress disorder case was handled incorrectly, resulting in an unfair dishonorable discharge. We can also petition the Discharge Review Board after an unfavorable administration separation with the goal of achieving a discharge upgrade.

Call Dishman Military Advocates when you are dissatisfied with your military record and want to correct the situation. Brent was a top Senior Defense Counsel in the Air Force, and we will give you a free consultation to determine whether your request is likely to be approved.

Contact a court martial lawyer if you are determined to have your military record corrected. Do not suffer the long-term consequences of an injustice in your case. Call (877) 521-9006 now!

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