Excessive Court Martial Sentences

Clemency Requests

Looking for a military law attorney for a clemency request? If the sentence you received at the end of your general court martial or special court martial was excessively harsh or in any way unjust, you can seek the help of a persuasive military attorney from Dishman Military Advocates in requesting clemency. There is no guarantee that your request will be granted, but by working with an attorney who has a proven track record of successfully representing cases like yours, you can increase your chances of getting the request approved.

Court martial lawyer Brent Dishman was a leading Senior Defense Counsel (SDC) and has represented military personnel in top priority courts martial. We understand how anxious you may be to avoid a severe sentence in your case, and we will fight tirelessly on your behalf.

Searching for a military law lawyer for a clemency request? You have a limited window of opportunity for making a clemency request, and you must get started as soon as possible after receiving the verdict in your case. Your request will initially be directed to the officer who convened your court martial. The petition will seek to have your sentence suspended, mitigated to a lesser sentence or remitted. The convening authority has full powers under Article 60 of the UCMJ to modify your sentence, and an effective appeal could make an enormous difference in the outcome of your case.

Get a Military Lawyer on Your Side

You still have a right to appeal the decision if the convening authority denies your clemency request. You can submit your case to the Court of Appeals for your branch of the military. The court has the authority to reduce your sentence if you can demonstrate that it is excessive. A clemency request can act as protection from forfeitures, it could help you avoid sex offender registration, reduce a sentence of confinement or prevent a dishonorable discharge. A court martial attorney from our firm can discuss the details of your court martial to determine the likelihood that your request would be successful.

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