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Looking for a military attorney for an Article 32 investigation case? The Article 32 investigation is an opportunity to gain some control over the course of your case, which is especially important if it does end up in a trial. By working with a military law attorney who has the legal knowledge and the courtroom skills to effectively challenge and review the evidence in your case, you may be able to walk into your general court martial in a much stronger position than you held at the outset of your case.

A military law lawyer from Dishman Military Advocates can represent your case with the goal of proving your innocence and having the charges dropped. Call our firm to learn more!

General Overview of Court Martial Defense

Before you can be summoned to a general court martial, the prosecution in your case will have to conduct an Article 32 investigation to ensure that the evidence against you will support the charges. A general court martial is the most serious form of military judicial proceeding. Because the stakes are so high in such cases, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) requires a thorough hearing of the evidence before actually bringing a case to trial.

While the outcome of the Article 32 investigation will largely set the course of the court martial, you may be able to defeat your charges during the investigation. The commander overseeing your case will appoint a commissioned officer to act as an impartial investigator. Afterward, you will be required to attend a hearing where the investigating officer—who may or may not have any formal legal training—will examine the witnesses and review evidence. At this time, your attorney can also cross-examine witnesses, present evidence supporting your side of the case, provide your testimony and generally attempt to prevent the case from moving forward to trial.

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Need a defense attorney for an article 32 investigation case? At Dishman Military Advocates, we are prepared to handle the most difficult charges on your behalf. We take the time to exhaustively prepare every case we represent, because we are a results-oriented firm and we truly care about protecting your individual rights. When you work with our legal team, we will explore every aspect of your case to find the best strategies for defending you.

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