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Searching for a military defense attorney for an administration separation? If you are going to be involuntarily discharged from any branch of the military, you need to do everything possible to receive an honorable discharge. Failure to do so could seriously restrict your employment options in civilian life, as well as affect your eligibility to receive benefits from the Veteran's Administration. By getting the help of an experienced military law attorney to prepare your case and represent you during your discharge hearing, you can improve the chances of a successful outcome. Need a military lawyer for an administration separation case? Contact Dishman Military Advocates to discuss your impending discharge and your options for defense.

Prior to your discharge, you will get a written notification from your Commanding Officer with details regarding the reasons you are receiving a general discharge rather than an honorable discharge. You will have to sign a form to acknowledge that this classification may cause you difficulty during civilian life, such as in receiving GI Bill benefits. You will not be eligible for VA benefits if you receive an Other Than Honorable Conditions Discharge (UOTHC), which is reserved for the most serious administrative discharge cases. If you have been convicted of a crime or have been accused of acting in a way that would dishonor the armed forces, you will most likely be subjected to an UOTHC discharge. More serious breaches of the Uniform Military Code of Justice will be referred to a Special Courts Martial or a General Courts Martial.

General Discharge and Other than Honorable Discharge

Looking for a military attorney for your administration separation hearing? At your administrative separation hearing, you will have the opportunity to challenge the evidence against you, question witnesses in the case, submit your own evidence and testimony, and question voting members about their cause for voting against you. You may be able to either prevent the discharge or improve your discharge characterization.

By working with a private attorney who has an extensive background in military cases, you will have the benefit of an advocate who will take the time to properly prepare your case. We keep our caseload small so that we can devote the necessary amount of attention to each of our clients. We know how important it is to you, both for practical reasons and for your sense of personal pride, to protect your military record. Even if you have already been discharged, you may be able to achieve an honorable status by petitioning for a discharge upgrade. Call to schedule a free case evaluation today to get started on your case.

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