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Need a military attorney for your case? You cannot afford to take any chances when you have to resolve a legal issue related to your service in the military. The conditions of your discharge will in many ways define the future course of your life. After you have dedicated your service to the support of the armed forces, you need to do everything in your power to protect your legal rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Searching for a lawyer for your military criminal case? A military lawyer from Dishman Military Advocates can advise you of the best legal strategy for your case, as well as provide you with bold and determined representation. Contact our firm today to receive a consultation, and get our help before your case moves forward any further.

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Administration Separation
An administrative separation from the armed services can have a serious impact on your eligibility for benefits, your employment status and your personal sense of honor. If you have been selected for separation for any reason, you need to take action now to protect your military career and achieve an honorable discharge.

Article 32 Investigation
Before you can be given a general court martial, you will be the subject of an Article 32 investigation to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support the charge. You still have a chance to turn the case around at this point if you get the help of an attorney who can effectively challenge the evidence against you and prevent the case from proceeding.

Clemency Requests
If you have already received a sentence as part of a court martial, you can make a formal request to appeal or reduce the sentence. Your attorney can help you prepare a clemency request, with supporting evidence to strengthen your argument. If you can persuade the convening authority that the sentence is excessive or inappropriate to the charge, you may be successful in obtaining a reduction in your sentence or even a pardon.

Correction of Military Records
Your record of military service can follow you into the future, both in the service and in civilian life. If you find errors in your record that you need to fix, or if you are determined to reverse an unjust sentence you received, you can file a petition to have your record formally corrected.

Courts Martial Appeals
Just as with any civilian court sentence, you have a right of appeal for court martial rulings. You can submit an unjust ruling to the convening authority in your case or the Court of Criminal Appeals for your branch of the military to receive a review of the ruling. Your attorney can argue that errors in the trial or sentencing have negatively affected you.

Discharge Hearings
If you are faced with the prospect of leaving the military with anything less than an honorable discharge, you must take action now to improve the conditions of your discharge. The discharge hearing gives you a chance to present evidence and testimony to mitigate the effects of alleged misconduct on your discharge characterization.

Discharge Upgrade
In the months and years after your discharge from the armed forces, you may find that your discharge status is negatively affecting your employment options or other aspects of your life. You can make an appeal to the Discharge Review Board to improve your discharge characterization based on your recent service and achievements or evidence that your original discharge status was incorrect.

Flying Evaluation Boards
You need an FEB attorney to represent you if you need to appear before a Flying Evaluation Board. Your flight status is at stake, as is your career, so do not hesitate to get a lawyer on your side who knows the law and can fight on your behalf.

General Courts Martial
You have the option to secure private representation when you have been summoned to a general court martial, and to maximize your chances of a successful outcome you should find an attorney with a track record of success. A general court martial is the most serious form of military judicial proceeding you could face, and you need an attorney on your side who will fight to defend your case.

NJP/Article 15 Advice
If you have been accused of misconduct or a minor breach of the UCMJ, you will be summoned by your Commanding Officer to a non-judicial punishment hearing. An attorney can represent you during the hearing to argue for your innocence. You may also request to receive a court martial, and your attorney can advise you of your options in this case.

Protection from Forfeitures
One of the sentencing options available in a non-judicial punishment or in courts martial is to impose a forfeiture pay. This penalty could have a major negative impact on your family and your plans for the future, but you can take action to prevent this outcome or to appeal the sentence if it is excessively harsh.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Cases
Service members who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be able to have the conditions of discharge improved by appealing to the fact that their symptoms contributed to alleged cases of misconduct. Your attorney can review the case to determine whether a PTSD diagnosis could be a factor in your situation.

Special Courts Martial
Offenses of intermediate severity will be tried in a special court martial. You have the option of requesting to have the case heard by a single judge or by a judge backed by a 3-member panel. The special court martial is capable of delivering a severe sentence, and you need to work with an attorney who will carefully prepare your case and argue vigorously on your behalf in court.

Summary Courts Martial
Summary courts martial are designed to deliver a swift and efficient verdict in cases of minor misconduct. The presiding officer will act as judge, defense and prosecutor, and the accused must consent to the proceeding before it can take place. You have the option to request a special court martial, and your attorney can consult with you about this choice, as well as preparing you for the hearing.

War Crimes
In order to preserve the integrity and the public image of the armed services, the military justice system delivers severe punishment to anyone convicted of a war crime. You may be falsely accused or there may be problems with the evidence against you. This type of case requires swift defensive action to avoid the serious consequences of a guilty verdict.

Personal Injury
You may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the federal government for military medical malpractice, personal loss or property damage resulting from non-combat operations, or disclosure of your private information. The rules will differ according to whether you are service personnel or a family member. An attorney from our firm can consult with you about your case and help you get started on a claim. We will review your case for free.

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