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Need an attorney for a military sex offender registration case? A special emphasis on the issue of sex crimes is manifest throughout every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. While a sex offense conviction can carry with it severe legal penalties and an end to a military career, many people are not aware that a conviction can also mean a lifetime sex offender registration. Before you plead guilty, therefore, it is critical that you consult with an experienced military criminal defense attorney about mandatory sex offender registration in your case once you are discharged. Searching for a military defense lawyer for a sex offender registration case?

At Dishman Military Advocates, we have extensive experience in military criminal law, including sex crimes, and stand ready to meet with you, discuss the facts of your case, and advise you regarding the wisdom of agreeing to an unexamined plea bargain.

Post-Discharge Sex Offender Registration

When you are notified that you are under investigation for a sex crime, or if you hear a rumor to that effect, it is imperative that you retain a qualified criminal defense attorney at our firm. Even if you have already made a statement of guilt in the criminal offense, it may not be too late; statements can be discounted if you were pressured or rights were violated. Timely action by an experienced attorney who knows what specific plea bargain words may trigger a sex offender registration may make all the difference between being discharged from the military as a free person and being mandated to register as a sex offender post-discharge.

Looking for a military attorney for your sex offender registration case? Our goal is to help you avoid sex offender registry in your home state. At our firm is an extremely knowledgeable attorney who has served as an officer in the military as both a commander and JAG. He is a former Air Force chief prosecutor and a former Air Force senior defense counsel. If retained by you, we will use his expertise to conduct a detailed analysis and comprehensive oversight of the plea bargain process in your case and how it may relate to sex offender registry requirements in your state. We will work to avoid registration if at all possible so that you can leave the military with your legal conviction behind you.

To ensure that your interests are protected, please contact a military criminal defense lawyer at our firm immediately.

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