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Sex Crime Defense

Need a military attorney for a sex crime case? Sex crimes are so taboo in society that just being accused can damage a person's reputation. The consequences of such an accusation on a member of the military, however, can have an even more devastating effect leading to demotion, discharge or court martial.

If you are under investigation for a sex crime, don't get trapped in a situation where your reputation and military career are at stake. You have a right under the UCMJ to an attorney, and now is the time to invoke that right. As soon as possible, contact a military criminal defense lawyer from Dishman Military Advocates. We will sit down, carefully examine the evidence against you and discuss what steps are necessary to arrive at the best strategy for your case.

Military Sex Crime Lawyer

Searching for a lawyer a military sex crimes case? A sex crime is not a military case for which you should use a military law attorney provided for you, or retain an inexperienced attorney. The military works hard to maintain honor among its ranks and when there is an allegation of dishonor, their attorneys aggressively pursue prosecution and conviction to rid the organization of the tarnish. Some sex crimes that military personnel are charged with include criminal offenses of rape, sexual assault and child pornography. Whether accused of these offenses or others, we are ready to employ our vast experience and knowledge of military law, gained as an Air Force chief prosecutor and as a senior defense counsel, to build a convincing case for you. We carry a small book of clients to ensure that everyone receives personal legal service and you can rest assured that if you retain us, you are paying for responsiveness, years of experience that can only be gained in military courtrooms, and the full strength and force of a firm like Dishman Military Advocates.

Looking for a military defense lawyer for your sex crime case?

A sex offense is a serious matter that can ruin your military career and result in severe penalties including military prison and a dishonorable discharge. To minimize your exposure, please schedule a consultation with us. For a personal and dedicated defense, contact Dishman Military Advocates to speak with a military criminal defense attorney today.

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