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Charged with fraud in the Military?

Military Fraud

Fraud can be the act of or attempt to use deception to take another's property, money or services; and can also be the act of or attempt at misrepresentation. Whether or not the attempt is successful, the intent alone may be enough to result in charges and a conviction. Are you in the U.S. military and have been accused of fraud? If so, you must act quickly! Looking for a military defense lawyer for a fraud case?

Contact Dishman Military Advocates at your earliest opportunity and speak with military criminal defense lawyer Brent Dishman, with the experience and the expertise to ably assist in your defense. You can be assured that we are an aggressive and vigilant law firm and we may be able to protect your rights under the UCMJ.

Military Criminal Defense Lawyer: Fraud Crime

Need an attorney for a military fraud case? Whether you are under investigation for making a false or fraudulent claim, for forgery or for any other fraud-related criminal offense, you need a law firm experienced in military cases to defend you. We are fortunate to have in our firm an attorney who has spent his entire adult life on active duty, primarily defending military members.

Brent Dishman was the chief prosecutor at Lackland Air Force Base, the Air Force's busiest military justice division, and knows the strategies that military prosecutors use to win cases. He is also a former Air Force senior defense counsel, which is the highest level of court martial advocate in the Air Force, and has represented all ranks, from E-1 to general officer. With such experience, our firm is in an excellent position to examine all aspects of the charges against you, uncover flaws that may be hidden in the prosecution's case and build a solid defense on your behalf.

Searching for a military lawyer for a fraud case?

A court martial conviction for fraud may result in imprisonment, a dishonorable discharge and any number of other severe penalties, depending on the particulars of the case. Fraud against the government is one of the most serious of fraud offenses a service member can be charged with and you owe it to yourself to retain a law firm that will give you the best chance at success.

For a strong and tenacious representation, contact Dishman Military Advocates to assist in your military criminal defense.

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