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Drug Crime Defense for Active Duty Service Personnel

Military Drug Crime

Drug abuse is a major problem afflicting all branches of the Armed Forces, and the military criminal justice system is cracking down on offenders. If you have been charged with possession, sale, or trafficking of illegal drugs, you will be subjected to intense prosecution. A positive drug test can cost you your career in the service and your reputation. Whether the alleged crime occurred while you were on active duty and on the base or if it is an off-base offense, you can still be given a court martial or an administration separation.

Searching for a military attorney for a drug crime case? Even if there is positive evidence against you, you should seek the help of Attorney Dishman from Dishman Military Advocates who can evaluate the case and advise you of your options for limiting the damage or avoiding a conviction.

Looking for a military defense lawyer for a drug crime case? If you have tested positive in a urinalysis or if you are being prosecuted for refusing a drug test, you need to take action now to defend your case and prevent a discharge. The situation is especially serious if you are not only charged with using drugs but if you were found in possession of any quantity of marijuana, spice, cocaine or ecstasy, or if you are accused of distributing drugs within the service.

Are you charged with a drug crime in the military?

Need a lawyer for a military drug crime case? Our firm has a successful track record of defending members of the military against charges for all types of criminal offenses, and we strongly urge you to get our help as early as possible in the case. Effective legal action during your Article 32 investigation could substantially improve your chances of a successful outcome, and we will fight to have the charges dropped through lack of evidence or other problems with the case. Even if you have already been convicted, we can help you with a clemency request or a court martial appeal. By taking defensive action now, you may be able to prevent confinement or a dishonorable discharge.

Contact a military lawyer if you have been charged with any type of drug related offense and want to have aggressive representation on your side.

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