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Searching for a military law lawyer for an assault and battery case? Assault is prohibited under Article 128 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), and if you have been accused you can be summoned to a special court martial or a general court martial, depending on the circumstances. It is a widespread criminal offense among members of the Armed Forces, and you will need the representation of a skilled military lawyer to help you avoid the long-lasting consequences of a conviction.

Major factors in your case will include the rank of the alleged victim, the circumstances of the crime, whether you are accused of carrying or using a weapon and any injuries that may have resulted. At Dishman Military Advocates, we understand how concerned you may be to prove your innocence, and an military criminal defense attorney from our firm will consult with you about your options.

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Assault entails threatening another person with physical violence or attempting to inflict bodily harm or injury. If you actually carry out the act, you will be charged with battery. The penalty will be increased if you are accused of attacking a superior officer, as well as if you were armed at the time. Your punishment may range from 3 months in confinement and a forfeiture of two thirds of your pay to confinement for 10 years and a dishonorable discharge. Your attorney can investigate the evidence and find any weaknesses in the prosecution's case that may lead to the charges being dropped. You can also bring witnesses who will corroborate your account of the event.

Penalties and Defenses for Assault & Battery in the Military

Looking for a military law lawyer for an assault case? You need to get started on your defense as early as possible. If an attorney from our firm is present during your Article 32 investigation, we can challenge the evidence that is to be used against you and attempt to have the case settled without a trial. We can also investigate the possibility that you have a post-traumatic stress disorder case, which could have a major impact on the perception of your actions. We have effectively represented many service personnel who faced charges similar to yours, and we are ready to begin work on your case.

Contact Brent Dishman today to fight to clear your name of the charges when you face prosecution for assault & battery.

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