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Maintaining tight discipline is crucial in every branch of the Armed Forces, and if you have been accused of being Absent Without Leave (AWOL) or going on an Unauthorized Absence (UA), you can be subjected to harsh penalties. The military criminal justice system seeks not only to punish the offender, but also to set a cautionary example to prevent others from committing similar criminal offenses.

The punishment in your case can depend on factors such as the circumstances of your departure, the length of your absence and whether you constitute any type of security risk to the service. Whether you have been arrested or not, you should not delay in taking action to resolve the situation. Searching for a lawyer for a military AWOL case? An experienced military criminal defense attorney from Dishman Military Advocates can advise you of your legal options and represent you with the authorities.

Need a military lawyer for an AWOL case? You can be charged with an AWOL offense for failure to report for duty, for departing your station or leaving the base. You could also be accused of Missing Movement if you don't arrive for a scheduled deployment. If you intended to never return to the military, you can be charged with desertion, and you will face stiffer penalties than those for AWOL. Local police or a highway patrolman can take you into custody and transfer you to a military jail. The prosecution must firmly establish that you did know of your assignment or that you didn't have authorization to take a leave. It is crucial to secure the representation of an attorney as early as possible in the case, and for you to avoid making statements that could make your defense more difficult.

Military Criminal Lawyer for Unauthorized Absence Defense

Looking for a military Criminal Defense Lawyer for an AWOL case? A conviction in your case is a serious matter, and it will follow you into civilian life. You may receive a dishonorable discharge or a bad conduct discharge that could hinder your employment opportunities in the future, as well as the fact that you can be punished with confinement. Even if it isn't possible to prove your innocence, we may be able to help you have the penalty reduced and minimize the damage to your military record. The most important thing is to get started on your case now, rather than waiting for a special court martial or a general court martial.

Contact a military AWOL & UA attorney if you face prosecution for AWOL, UA or desertion and want to find out more about what you can do to defend yourself.

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