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Criminal Defense

A criminal conviction can have a severely negative impact on your life and your career. You can be punished with confinement, forfeiture of pay, reduction of pay grade and demotion. You could be given an administration separation, a bad conduct discharge or a dishonorable discharge. The honor of your years of service to our country could be lost due to a mistake or false allegations against you.

Looking for a lawyer for your military criminal case?

Attorney Dishman from Dishman Military Advocates can take on the challenge of defending your name. Contact us as early as possible when you are faced with a special court martial or a general court martial so that we can help you prepare an effective argument and to maximize your chances of defeating the charges. Searching for an experienced military criminal attorney? Our firm has extensive experience with all types of military justice matters, including:

Assault & Battery
You can be charged with assault for threatening or attempting to attack another person, while battery is an attack that is actually carried out. There are several factors which will influence your case, such as whether you were holding a weapon, the rank and identity of the alleged victim, and whether you are accused of causing injury.

Absence Without Leave (AWOL) and Unauthorized Absence (UA) are serious charges in the military and they can have a major impact on your career. Depending on how long you have been gone, there may be an arrest warrant issued in your name. You should take action now to resolve the situation, because the sooner you address the charge the better your chances of reducing the punishment will be.

Drug Crimes
Drug abuse is a widespread problem among uniformed personnel, and the military takes a no-tolerance approach to this type of case. If you have taken a urinalysis test you think will come back positive, have received positive results in a urinalysis, or have been caught in possession or under the influence of illegal drugs, you need to take immediate action to defend yourself from a conviction.

Driving under the influence is a charge that can ruin your military career, whether or not your arrest occurred on the base. The consequences of being found guilty are in many cases more severe for military personnel than for civilians, and you need an attorney who is prepared to aggressively defend your case.

Fraud Offenses
If you face a court martial for allegations of any type of fraud, you should contact our firm immediately. We can investigate the evidence against you to determine whether there are grounds for the case and to find the most effective way to defend your case. A conviction could follow you for the rest of your life, and we will fight to clear your name.

Officer Misconduct
Officers in every branch of the Armed Forces are bound to uphold high standards of behavior and avoid any actions which might bring dishonor on their rank. Our firm has experience successfully representing officers in high-profile courts martial, administrative actions and Inspector General (IG) investigations, and we understand what a severe impact these matters can have on your career and your future.

Sex Crimes
The military criminal justice system aggressively pursues allegations of sex crimes, and if you have been accused of an offense of this nature, you are at risk of serious penalties and irreparable damage to your reputation. Charges of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment can have a devastating effect on your career, as well as resulting in confinement, forfeiture of pay and dishonorable discharge.

Sex Offender Registration
If you plead guilty or are convicted of a sex crime, you will most likely be required to register as a sex offender when you return to civilian life. This can expose you to major social stigma, restrict your choice of where to live and limit your ability to find employment.

Theft Crimes
If you have been accused of a theft crime in the military, your reputation and freedom will all be put on the line. The criminal penalties will vary depending the on the severity of your crime and whether or not you used force or a threat of violence in the commission of the crime. We can protect your rights and fight to have your theft charges reduced or dismissed completely.

Weapons Charges
Crimes such as illegally selling guns, illegal possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm and using a gun while under the influence of alcohol are frequent charges against military personnel. You may be in danger of being punished severely by court martial if you have been charged. Carrying or using a weapon in the commission of most other crimes may enhance the penalty for that crime.

Tried & True Criminal Defense

Need a military criminal lawyer? Criminal charges are nothing to be taken lightly. Many crimes are considered taboo in the eyes of the law and a conviction could tatter your reputation, ruin your career and negatively impact your future as a whole. Don't let a criminal charge cause you to lose your rank. At the firm they understand how hard you have worked to get where you are and they will do everything in their power to preserve that and fight to have your charges reduced or discharged completely. Brent Dishman has extensive experience with criminal law and he also has unique, "hands on" experience with the military protocol. His knowledge, training and military background could level the playing field and give you and innate advantage when defending your criminal charges. There is no crime too grim for his firm to handle so don't waste any precious time. Get their firm involved as soon as possible and begin building your defense today!

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