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All Branches of Military

2012 Manual for Courts Martial

Military Judges' Benchbook

Air Force

Air Force Instruction 36-3208: Administrative Separation of Airmen

Air Force Instruction 51-602: Boards of Officers

Air Force Pamphlet 36-3210: Procedural Guide for Enlisted Administrative Discharge Boards

Air Force Instruction 51-201: Administration of Military Justice

Air Force Instruction 51-202: Nonjudicial Punishment

Air Force Instruction 51-703: Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction

Air Force Instruction 51-902: Political Activities by Member of the US Air Force

Air Force Instruction 51-903: Dissident and Protest Activities

Air Force Instruction 51-904: Complaints of Wrongs Under Article 138, Uniform Code of Military Justice


AR 27-10: Military Justice

AR 600-8-24: Officer Transfers and Discharges

AR 135-175: Separation of Officers

AR 612-205: Appointment and Separation of Service Academy Attendees

Army Dir 2012-07: Administrative Processing for Separation of Soldiers for Alcohol or other Drug Abuse

AR 635-10: Processing Personnel for Separation

AR 635-200: Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations

AR 15-180: Army Discharge Review Board

Army Dir 2011-17: Self-Reporting by Officers and Senior Enlisted Members of Criminal Convictions

Navy/Marine Corps

JAG Instruction 5800.7F: Manual of the Judge Advocate General (JAGMAN)

JAG/CNLSC Instruction 5350.1E: Urinalysis Testing Program

Instruction 1620.3: Manual for the Administration of Regional Restriction Barracks (RRB)

Instruction 1640.9C: Department of the Navy Corrections Manual

U.S. Marine Corps, Order P5800.16A, Marine Corps Manual for Legal Administration (31 Aug. 1999) (LEGADMINMAN)

Coast Guard

CIM 1000.4: Military Separations

CIM 1020.8H: Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual

CIM 1600.2: Discipline and Conduct

CIM 1850.2D: Physical Disability Evaluation System

Sex Offender Registry

50 State Survey

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