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NOTE: These cases are representative of the work done by Brent Dishman and Dishman Military Advocates. They are in no way indicative of success in your case. Every case is different, and various factors contribute to the success of any case, including the believability of witnesses, the amount and quality of evidence presented at trial, whether the client accepts the advice of the attorney and when counsel is retained.

Airman’s DUI Case Results in Deferred Sentence, No Conviction - Norman, Oklahoma


Our firm recently represented an Active Duty Airman accused of DUI in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. After working with the District Attorney and Judge, our client was placed on probation and avoided a conviction. After 1 year without incident, this firm will apply for an expungement, clearing him entirely of any wrongdoing and wiping his record clean.

Disenrollment Action Halted, Cadet Retained - United States Air Force Academy, Colorado


A young cadet recently contacted our firm after USAFA's Academic Review Committee (ARC) recommended to the Dean that he be disenrolled for academic and military knowledge test (K-test) failures. After intense strategizing, mentoring of the cadet and lobbying of key personnel, the Dean saw fit to retain the young man and gave him one more chance to prove himself at USAFA. The cadet's grades and k-test have since dramatically improved, and he is back on track to graduation. This success mirrors that of other cadets this firm has represented who have faced court martial, ARCs, Military Review Committees (MRCs) and other adverse actions.

Officer at General Court Martial Retained, No Jail Adjudged - Joint Base San Antonio, Texas


Mr. Dishman recently represented an Air Force officer accused of various derelictions of duty in violation of Article 92, UCMJ, at a General Court Martial at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. After an Article 32 Hearing, a full week of motions hearings, and a multi-day trial, the officer was convicted of only minimal misconduct. He was sentenced to a reprimand and forfeitures of pay, avoiding any jail time and avoiding a dismissal from the service (the officer version of a dishonorable discharge). This minimal sentence allowed the officer, who is an Air Force pilot, to retain his wings, opening up a world of employment possibilities that would have been impossible if a dismissal would have been adjudged.

January 2017, Army Captain, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma


Recently, a client of Dishman Military Advocates was called into the Army CID (Criminal Investigations Division) Office and questioned about missing funds from a GRAP account in another case. GRAP is a form of recruiter assistance. This young officer was questioned by CID and accused of taking thousands of dollars through fraudulent means from the GRAP program. When she hired Dishman Military Advocates, Brent Dishman immediately weighed in with the chain of command and investigating agencies. As a result of his efforts, all investigations against this client were concluded, she was not "titled" in the CID Report of Investigation, and her commander's SJA (Staff Judge Advocate) as well as the local District Attorney declined to press charges. She was fully restored in her career and was allowed to continue her service in the Army without interruption.

Lieutenant Colonel, National Capital Region, DC


An O-5 recently hired our firm when false allegations were made against him of physical and emotional abuse of his spouse. These matters were to be heard by a board at his Air Force base, who would determine whether abuse occurred and whether to enter this officer into a database of offenders, marring his career and effectively removing him from any chance of promotion. Through aggressive lobbying of his chain of command and coaching the client through the process, the board saw these false allegations for what they were and did not enter him into the database, instead returning him to duty unscathed.

Cadet, United States Military Academy, NY


A former USMA cadet contacted our firm after being dismissed from the Academy and forced to pay back over $200,000 in student debt, even while leaving without a degree. Through aggressively attacking the case through DOD/IG, USMA personnel and his Congressional delegation, this young man's debt was absolved and he was able to move on with his life without this debt encumbering his young life.

Sergeant First Class, Oklahoma National Guard, Tulsa, OK


After 19 years of service, this SNCO was denied due process by his chain of command, kicked out of the National Guard, and forced to pay back a completely fabricated debt to the tune of $72,000. Our firm worked his case through the Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR), proving his discharge was inappropriate and the debt wrongfully incurred. His debt was resolved and he was granted a medical retirement and honorable discharge.

Airman First Class, Vance AFB, OK


Charges were dismissed on the eve of trial for this junior enlisted Airman accused of sexual assault. Due to a dogged investigation by Mr. Dishman and his team, more and more exculpatory and mitigating evidence bubbled to the surface. Eventually the government lost the will to take this case to trial, and dismissed all charges. The very happy Airman was returned to his duty station and continues to serve to this day.

Charges against Ft. Sill soldier dropped on the eve of trial


Norman, Oklahoma

During a night out in Norman, Oklahoma, a group of soldiers from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma were arrested for various offenses, to include drunk and disorderly conduct and breaking and entering into a fraternity house. Although local prosecutors wanted his client to plead guilty to the charges or some lesser included offense, Mr. Dishman doggedly fought for his client's rights; interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and eventually presenting it to prosecutors as evidence of his client's innocence. On the eve of trial, as Mr. Dishman continued to insist that his client was not guilty, prosecutors backed down and dismissed the case. His client faced no further action at the hands of local authorities, and he left the Army voluntarily with an honorable discharge.

Army accepts Chapter 10 discharge in court martial


Ft. Sill, Oklahoma

An NCO at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma reached out to this firm after he was accused of stealing prescription narcotics and wrongfully using them. Mr. Dishman deftly pointed out the problems in the government's case and successfully lobbied the Brigade Commander for a Chapter 10 discharge with an Under Honorable Conditions (General) classification. This client also has severe medical issues, which will make him immediately eligible for VA payments and medical benefits. At the end of the day, he left the Army with a better financial situation than if he were to have stayed a full 20 years and retired under normal circumstances.

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