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As the owner and founder of Dishman Military Advocates, I wake up every day energized to represent Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen accused of misconduct. At one time in their military career, these proud Americans raised their right hand and swore to uphold and defend our Constitution, the same Constitution that guarantees representation when facing criminal prosecution. I took that same oath nearly two decades ago. As a 19-year military veteran, who served as both a commander and JAG, prosecutor and defense attorney, I have the experience and skill to get the best result possible in your court martial, appeal, hearing, administrative board, or in front of your commander.

I left active duty ranked the #1 trial defense attorney in the Air Force. I have successfully represented clients of all rank, from E-1 to general officer. Allegations against these clients ranged from minor disciplinary infractions to triple murder (resulted in full acquittal), and everything in between. My representation spans all forums, including courts martial, Article 32 hearings, involuntary discharge boards, flying evaluation boards, Inspector General (IG) Investigations, non-judicial punishment, medical de-credentialing boards and adverse administrative actions, amongst others. When you are accused of any wrongdoing in the military your career, your rank, your retirement and your honor are at stake. You need to do everything you can to protect yourself and your family.

I started my military career as a cadet at the Air Force Academy, where I graduated as a member of the commandant's list (military achievement), dean's list (academic achievement) and athletic director's list (athletic achievement). After graduation, I served as an aircraft maintenance officer for heavy airlift aircraft, led 100+ Airmen, and gained in-depth knowledge of the flying community, the enlisted force structure, and joint operations (Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Special Operations). I eventually served as a flight commander, where I took administrative action against service members and advised higher-level commanders on UCMJ action for my troops – in other words, I know what your commander is thinking and wants to achieve in your case. Very few, if any, military defense attorneys have this type of experience and knowledge.

After serving as a maintenance officer, I attended the University of Oklahoma College of Law, where I honed my skills in trial advocacy and criminal law and served as President of the student body. After law school, I spent four years as a prosecutor at Lackland AFB in Texas, the busiest military justice section in the Air Force. I eventually rose to the position of Chief of Military Justice (akin to a Chief Prosecutor), a billet rarely, if ever, filled by a first-term JAG.

After prosecuting, I set my sights on my real goal – defending our American service members, which I have been doing ever since. I have attended training and/or taught courses at the Army, Navy and Air Force JAG Schools. I am specially trained in the defense of sexual assault cases, drug cases and computer crimes cases, among others. Throughout my military career, I have known fellow service members who were treated unfairly by the system and their chain of command. I vowed that I would be a champion for our service members accused of misconduct. You need a lawyer who knows the military, who knows command, who knows the law, and who is not afraid to stand up and fight for you. You need Dishman Military Advocates.

Any allegation of misconduct in the military is a serious matter. You need the best help you can get. Call now for a free consultation with no obligation. I want to fight for you.

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